Corrupted 3gp recovery from SD card

Micro SD cards are the main storage media for the digicams, mobile phones, video recorder and many more devices which make our world around us more digital and compact. Distances don’t matter for this digital world...we are always with our love ones and their memories by the use of digital cameras, recorder and mobiles.

Pictures, videos, audio and many other files of .3gp format are stored in the memory cards of digicams, mobile phones and recorders. You cannot afford to loose these precious video files...but more or less everyone had suffered this problem and can find no way to recover them.

Data are lost from SD/XD cards when your device suffer virus attack, low battery also harms the stored data in case you are using the device having low battery, sometimes due to accidental deletion or formatting of SD cards or forcefully removal of memory card when the device is working or the improper shut down of the device also cause data loss from XD cards.

You always need to have back up of the lost 3gp data in case it is to be recovered or data loss will piss you off and manual recovery can be a difficult way of data recovery process...but don’t worry you have a safer and easy way out.

3gp recovery from SD card can be done with the help of this software in some easy steps. You need to download this software and install it before using. Then start the scan of your memory card after initializing the software. When scanning is done you will get the list of all lost files and this software proves you the option of previewing the lost files so that you may recover the one you want to.

3gp recovery software recovers, repairs and fixes all deleted 3gp files in a moment of time and at your fingertip. It is easy to use as it provides a simple and graphical interface to it s user and all kind of memory cards such as Pro DUO, Ms, mini SD, SDHC, MMC, CF, SD/XD, SDHC plus for the efficient, reliable and pure 3gp recovery from XD card.