Deleted 3gp recovery restore lost or deleted 3gp video

Data loss is impeccable for the one who had spend almost half of his/her life hours in just making that data library...whether it be any important file, folder, music, snaps, videos, loss always upsets the owner.

Videos are the best way to keep our past memories alive and their deletion always upsets you and the one who had participated in building them. You cannot afford to loose your parents anniversary or friends birthday video.

You have stored your video files in SD cards of digicams or in the hard drives of the memory, but now they are inaccessible or deleted and you have simply lost your precious data...well don’t worry...Deleted 3gp video recovery is easily possible with the help of this software.

You may loose your 3gp files due to many reasons and some of them are:-

  • >>Virus attack
  • >>Bad sector in memory card or hard drive
  • >>Accidental deletion or formatting
  • >>Switching off the device forcefully when it was working
  • >>Removal of card from the camcorder before switching it off...and many more

This software helps in all your deleted 3gp video recovery. It also supports some of the other video formats such as MPEG, MPG, MP$ etc.

Some of the features of this software are:-

  • >>It is user friendly and interactive and has a simple wizard
  • >>It supports hard drives as well as micro and digital cards
  • >>It provides complete scan of data and gives preview of images/videos that can be recovered
  • >>It makes a list of the recently deleted 3gp files and makes an easy and quick retrieval

This software helps in deleted 3gp recovery in a simple way and it is easy to be used by both a novice and a techno person. It scans all the deleted files and makes a list of the recently deleted one for the quick and easy recovery.