3GP files...its corruption and repair

A new technology which has given new meaning to the world of cellular video transmission, camcorder video recording and 3G generation is 3GP video file format. 3GP is a file format defined by 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership project) as a new multimedia format for 3G UTMS multimedia serviced and has given a new definition to all the newly established broadband connector for video calling, MMS and recording and playback experience. This technique had certainly changed our video experience.

3gp format is supported by many devices such as

  • >>Most of the 3G capable phones support recording and playback of videos in 3gp format
  • >>Some of the 2G and 4G service provider also support 3gp video file format
  • >>Nintendo DSi supports .3gp on an SD card
  • >>Audio can be imported to Playstation3 from a CD and then it is copied onto USB devices in the 3gp format

3Gp file can also be viewed on the computers having Linux, Mac and Windows platform with the help of VLC media player, Media Player Classic, Real player, QuickTime, etc.

Corrupted 3gp file means loosing all the video files and other precious data and their recovery is almost impossible. Data corruption may occur due to bad sector in the disk or memory card or due to unusual and sudden power loss in the circuit which cause improper shut down of the device. If you remove your flash card from camcorders or mobiles without switching it off or when it’s working there are chances for a data loss form the chip. For the one who have back up of all the files this problem is not to be worried off...But in case you don’t have another back up then problem starts and you will certainly need a Repair corrupted 3gp file software to repair and recover all your corrupted file.

This is user friendly software which means you don’t need to have a complete knowledge of computers in order to use it...just follow the instruction and you are able to repair corrupted 3gp file in some very easy steps. It is easy for use by both a beginner and a techno person with simple wizard to follow.

It serves on scanning algorithm...that is it scans all the corrupted 3gp files and make a list of can also preview your snaps and video list and repair the one which is needed. But make sure to download and install it before using.